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Low End Rumble

Google’s definition of Bass – The low-frequency output of a radio or audio system, corresponding to the bass in music.

When you think of a bombastic and brutish sound, you probably think of the bass of a song or soundtrack. It can be forward and punchy or slow and sublime.

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Discussion: Sound System

Edit: The Samsung HW-K950 has 500 watts, not 250 like I said in the discussion. My comment about the wattage not implying quality still stands though!

Time to Make Your Best Buy (2.0 – 3.1)

If you aren’t interested in immersing yourself in the sound from your tv completely with 5.1 audio or would rather just have a soundbar and sub to save space/money, this is the article for you. I’ll list a number of different company’s products ordered from least to most expensive (not read worst to best).

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Home Theater Accessories

Here are some fun and/or functional accessories for your home theater setup!

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Sonic Immersion

Money may not be able to buy you happiness, but it can buy you a ridiculously cool-sounding movie theater setup.

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Time to Make Your Best Buy (5.1)

Now that you’ve done some research on what a 5.1 sound system is and how it works, you’ve decided to start looking at buying your setup! Where do you go first? Best Buy? Amazon? Craigslist? Your local pawn shop?

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Home Theater Basics


There are many things that go into creating the perfect home theater setup. All things from the speakers, to your entertainment center, to your tv, to the lighting, we all need some direction to make sure we’re getting the most from our investment.

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