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2017 Golden Globe Winners!

Manchester by the Sea: Review

Kenneth Lonergan continues to bolster his small yet impressive resumé of fantastic writing (and directing) with this heart-wrenching drama starring Casey Affleck and Michelle Williams.  This movie has been getting all the buzz around award season, and for all the right reasons!

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Fences: Review

Denzel Washington directs and stars in this drama about an African American father trying to raise his kids in 1950’s Pittsburgh.  If you love live theater and strong performances, then you will probably really appreciate this film.  If you don’t, then you are in for a two hour slog of dialogue and questionable messages.

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There Will Be Blood: Review

This dark and somber film by Paul Thomas Anderson is a masterful exploration of capitalism, greed, and its effect on mankind.  Daniel Day-Lewis gives what could be one of the greatest performances of the decade, if not all-time.  It’s a long, slow-paced film, but man is it worth the watch.

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Great Scenes from Great Films

This week’s great scene from a great film is from the beloved fantasy adventure, The Princess Bride.  This is honestly one of the most rousing and satisfying moments in cinema, and once you know the story underlying this scene, it makes it that much more powerful.

The Film Independent Spirit Awards Nominations are in!

Award season is upon us and we’re getting our first look at some of the best movies in a facet of cinema that really should get more attention, Independent films.  Film Independent strives to give the recognition that these independent filmmakers deserve during their annual award ceremony.  Here are this year’s nominations: Continue reading “The Film Independent Spirit Awards Nominations are in!”

Silence: Trailer

Here’s the official trailer for Martin Scorsese’s newest film, Silence.  Judging by looks of it, this could make a major splash in the Oscar race!

How I Rate Movies

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