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2017 LG OLED Discussion

Quite possibly the nerdiest home theater enthusiast discussion I’ve ever heard but it’s well worth the listen!

Discussion: Sound System

Edit: The Samsung HW-K950 has 500 watts, not 250 like I said in the discussion. My comment about the wattage not implying quality still stands though!

Discussion: TV’s


Fake Refresh Rates Video

Additional Refresh Rate Information

To 4k or not 4k?

A recent article I read stated that by 2020, half of the tv’s in U.S. homes will be 4k. 2020 may seem like a long way off but it takes time for new technology trends to catch on with the general public. TV’s aren’t like other technology such as smartphones and tablets where one might replace them every other year or so. Many people keep their tv until it is outdated or until it just dies.

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Discussion: Home Theater

2017 Tech Products

If you’re looking for a single location for the majority of the new home theater tech released, look no further.

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Home Theater Q&A Forum

This isn’t the ideal way to do this but our web site host doesn’t allow the forum plug-in I want to use. So if you have a question about home cinema: buying a tv, how to research sound systems, difference between blu-ray formats or anything else related to home theater, please leave a comment!

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Time to Make Your Best Buy (2.0 – 3.1)

If you aren’t interested in immersing yourself in the sound from your tv completely with 5.1 audio or would rather just have a soundbar and sub to save space/money, this is the article for you. I’ll list a number of different company’s products ordered from least to most expensive (not read worst to best).

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Home Theater Accessories

Here are some fun and/or functional accessories for your home theater setup!

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