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Decision 2017

It’s time to put out an updated list of the tv’s that are great recommendations at different price points. Some of these models are 2016 but don’t worry; they’re still in stock and still punch above their price class.

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Top Tier Showcase

You know what’s fun? Looking at all the really expensive and financially infeasible tv’s. Let’s compare the best 4 or 5 offerings from the top tv manufacturers.

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2017: A Year to Look Forward to

(LG 2017 W Series OLED pictured above)

There is a whole bunch of awesomeness going on in the home theater world right now. If you haven’t been keeping up, you know I have, Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision audio and video formats are growing in popularity, Active HDR (cool?), brightness cannons (seriously!), and QLED (better than OLED?) tv’s. What the heck is all of this? Let me tell you.

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CES 2017: TV’s

If you are excited as I am about 3 releases of OLED tv’s from different manufacturers, you are feeling pretty good right now! That’s awesome because it will help drive prices of OLED tv’s down and you also get to choose from different manufacturers, if you haven’t been a fan of the way LG has been doing OLED.

Dolby Vision vs. HDR 10

There are 2 standards for the new HDR technology in tv’s. One is called HDR 10 and the other is called Dolby Vision. Let’s go through some of the similarities and differences here so you know what’s up!

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TV Tech

Outside of 4K and HDR, there are other important aspects of tv technology that you should be familiar with. Let’s run through the gauntlet of tech jargon together and see if we can’t get through to the other side unscathed…

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Decision 2016

Now that the election is over, we can move on to more important things in life. Like what kind of tv you want to buy.

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HDR: High Definition (Done) Right?

The most exciting part of new movie/tv content, HDR. It stands for high dynamic range and it can elevate your tv watching experience to an incredible new level.

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Eye Candy

LCD, LED, OLED. What do these mean and how are they different? Televisions have come a long way since the 1950’s and 60’s. The old tube technology was bulky, inconsistent, and lacked definition. Thankfully we’ve gotten some updates along the way that help with all three of these issues and improve on other aspects too.

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