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2017 Tech Products

If you’re looking for a single location for the majority of the new home theater tech released, look no further.

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2017: A Year to Look Forward to

(LG 2017 W Series OLED pictured above)

There is a whole bunch of awesomeness going on in the home theater world right now. If you haven’t been keeping up, you know I have, Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision audio and video formats are growing in popularity, Active HDR (cool?), brightness cannons (seriously!), and QLED (better than OLED?) tv’s. What the heck is all of this? Let me tell you.

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CES 2017: TV’s

If you are excited as I am about 3 releases of OLED tv’s from different manufacturers, you are feeling pretty good right now! That’s awesome because it will help drive prices of OLED tv’s down and you also get to choose from different manufacturers, if you haven’t been a fan of the way LG has been doing OLED.

Dolby Vision vs. HDR 10

There are 2 standards for the new HDR technology in tv’s. One is called HDR 10 and the other is called Dolby Vision. Let’s go through some of the similarities and differences here so you know what’s up!

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Dolby vs DTS

There is a quiet audio war that you probably haven’t heard of. That noise you don’t hear is Dolby clashing with DTS.

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