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High End Audio vs Soundbar

So my spending escapades haven’t stopped with a super sweet projector and screen….it now has trickled into a little thing called audio. I guess I had to take my own advice and invest in what would finally satisfy me from both the audio and video sides of home theater.

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Discussion: Dunkirk

Discussion: Sound System

Edit: The Samsung HW-K950 has 500 watts, not 250 like I said in the discussion. My comment about the wattage not implying quality still stands though!

Discussion: Star Wars Rogue One

Cable Conundrum

There are so many different kinds of cables, it can be a nightmare trying to decipher what you need. HDMI, digital optical audio, coaxial, analog, component, RCA are all cables that could be used in your home theater configuration. I’ll go through the ones that you’ll likely use and leave the unnecessary cables out of the conversation.

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One way to make your head spin is to research home theater upgrades. Another way is to sit in a chair and spin around for awhile (I do this at work most days).

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Sonic Immersion

Money may not be able to buy you happiness, but it can buy you a ridiculously cool-sounding movie theater setup.

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Time to Make Your Best Buy (5.1)

Now that you’ve done some research on what a 5.1 sound system is and how it works, you’ve decided to start looking at buying your setup! Where do you go first? Best Buy? Amazon? Craigslist? Your local pawn shop?

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