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Discussion: Dunkirk

Great Scenes in Great Films

One of the most iconic moments in cinematic history comes from one of the best scenes in Raiders of the Lost Ark.  And if you know the story behind the “Sword to a Gunfight” scene, it makes it even better

10 Best Movie Trailers of All-Time

Movie trailers are something that I have always loved watching.  Even when I pop in a Blu-ray and they roll trailers beforehand, I can’t help but take my finger off the fast-forward button and enjoy them.  The goal of these short snippets is to get us interested and excited to go see a film.  If it gets your butt in the theater seat then it has done its job!   Continue reading “10 Best Movie Trailers of All-Time”

Great Scenes in Great Films

This week’s great scene from a great film comes from 1994’s cult classic superhero flick, The Crow.  Brandon Lee’s eerie performance is great, and gives us an early look at Heath’s Joker, but the special effects steal the show here.  The climax of this scene is absolutely spectacular!

Movie Review: Unstoppable

Continue reading “Movie Review: Unstoppable”

Movie Review: I Am Legend

Continue reading “Movie Review: I Am Legend”

Movie Review: Unknown

Continue reading “Movie Review: Unknown”

Doctor Strange: Review

The newest Marvel installation aims to show us the more mystical side of the MCU in this psychedelic action flick, starring Benedict Cumberbatch as the title character.  While this is definitely one of the most inventive of the universe, it still suffers from a few of the same snags that have plagued almost every Marvel film.  Though that doesn’t stop this film from being thoroughly entertaining. Continue reading “Doctor Strange: Review”

The Accountant: Review

This action crime drama about a math genius with a checkered past and lethal set of skills turned out to be one of the most surprisingly entertaining action flicks of the year.  While the trailers may not have convinced most people on the believability of our main character, Ben Affleck will show you otherwise and shines in one of his best roles yet. Continue reading “The Accountant: Review”

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