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Home Theater Thursday: Floorstanding Speaker Basics

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Home Theater Thursday: Home Theater Basics

Tax Re(fun)ds

Anything new can be hard to tackle from lack of knowing where to start. It seems like forever ago since I started first looking at tv’s online but here I am three years later pumped full of knowledge and it’s been quite a ride! Some of you might be getting your tax refund check and I’ve already been asked once, “How do I decide what to buy?” I’m glad you asked..

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Being Smart

In my pursuit of audio and video nirvana, I’d lost sight of the practicality that I measure everything else by. I have two 175 pound subwoofers that sound absolutely incredible, but I could have spent 1000 less on two subs that were much smaller and still sound more than excellent. I had monstrous, boxy floorstanding Klipsch speakers that put out gobs of clean sound but cost 1800 a pair and only look prettier than excellent sounding speakers at considerably cheaper price points. I spent so much time thinking that if I didn’t have the best of the best, that I’d truly miss something from my home cinema experience. I was wrong.

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The Pursuit of Perfection

It’s tough to say you’re truly done working on anything, especially a hobby you love. This certainly applies to my home theater build and it will likely go on until the day I die!

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