Christian Bale takes the lead role in this summer blockbuster that brings us a new batman and a modern twist.

IMDB Summary

Acting Performances – 4.5/5

  • I don’t feel that any one performance stood out in this film but this is a great cast that connect the different stories of the characters very well.
    • Liam Neeson (Ducard) creates a cunning and subtly ruthless villain, Christian Bale (Batman) forms a brilliant and incredibly strong hero and the list goes on with Morgan Freeman (Fox), Michael Caine (Alfred), Gary Oldman (Gordon), and Cillian Murphy (Dr. Crane).Christian-Bale-Batman-Begins.jpg
  • While no movie is perfect, I at no point in the film believe the acting wasn’t up to par with the rest of this excellent movie.
  • The one negative here is Christian Bale’s interpretation of what Batman’s voice should be. It’s not truly annoying like a bad acting performance might be but it slowly grates on you the whole movie.

Dialogue – 5/5

  • No complaints here!
  • I admire the use of humor interspersed between clever comments between characters. Particularly when Batman and Ducard are harkening back to their first encounter in the prison and during their training in the mountains at the later parts of the film.CP17Y6xWcAAQYbs
  • For a dark movie from a lighting perspective, the upbeat dialogue does help keep the tone from getting too dim.

Production/Digital Art/Direction – 5/5

  • A phenomenal job on all 3 fronts that really bring you into the movie.
    • After watching the special features, I was more than impressed with the level of detail and thought that went into creating not only the scenes, but the sets, the batmobile, designing Batman’s armor and any other number of things that goes to show how much Nolan cares about creating an outstanding movie.batman-begins-tumbler.jpg
  • The time it took to create the special effects and again, the detail that was involved in creating a miniature replica of Gotham to film the ending train derailment and the work to create the batcave is extensive and that’s what makes this movie so good.

Soundtrack – 5/5

  • Hans Zimmer does it again with a masterful symphonic score that brought a fantastic feeling to the movie and really stood out from other scores he’s compiled.
    • Action scenes have an intensity and ferocity and the scenes that spell impending doom are incredible with the slowly shrieking instruments convincingly portraying the increased drama.Scarecrow_06
  • It’s also great to hear the decrescendos juxtaposed against the intense scenes in the the movie. One particular moment that stands out in my memory is when Bruce Wayne’s house is on fire and he and Alfred have a moment talking about failure at which point Zimmer brings back the innocent music from the beginning of the film when he was a child. Just like any good song or book would do, an effective decrescendo before the climax always makes the ending that much more satisfying and certainly is the case here.

Movie Style – 5/5

  • Action, adventure, and thriller are the exact 3 words I would use to describe this movie and as it turns out, those are the tags for the genre as well!B_23.jpg
  • As mentioned before the various elements of the story/plot are woven together very well, all the way from Bruce Wayne’s initial foray into the criminal underworld to the ending of the film where he truly conquers his fear and is able to fight for justice and not revenge.
    • I also liked the tip of the hat to the next movie when Gordon shows the joker playing card. Just starts to build the excitement for the next installment in this trilogy!

Fun Factor – 5/5

  • Through and through an exciting movie that holds your attention and shows us more about the man behind the mask.
  • “It’s not who you are underneath, but what you do that defines you.”

Total Score – 29.5/30