Hugh Jackman ends his 17 year stint as Wolverine with bang in this rated R masterpiece of a film.  It’s just too bad that it took this long to see the Wolverine we’ve all been waiting for!

The Good

Now THIS is a True Wolverine Movie


Superhero movies are now reaching a point where people kind of know what to expect and what they’re getting into as they’re taking their seats in the theater.  This has ignited a desire for something new and different, which Fox Studios has heeded the call for by starting the rated R superhero trend that I’m sure we’ll see plenty of in the near future.  Deadpool kicked everything off with a bang, but Logan has just proven that this can really work.

If any character deserved an R rating to do justice to a character (besides Deadpool) it is definitely Wolverine.  Logan is an extremely violent movie.  Seriously, it’s almost hard to watch sometimes.  Yet the violence isn’t used for the sake of violence (such as something like The Expendables), nor is it used for shock and awe like any Tarantino film.  All the brutality and savagery is purposeful and used very well.  That’s not to say that the action in this film isn’t flippen awesome, because it TOTALLY is, but it carries some weight in this film so that we start to worry about a character that we’ve never really needed to worry about before.

Jackman Gives the Best Performance as Wolverine in his Career


It’s crazy to think that Hugh Jackman has been playing this character for 17 years!  I have been watching him for the vast majority of my life!  The original X-Men was actually one of the first superhero movies that I genuinely fell in love with, and Wolverine was a huge part of that intrigue.  I honestly can’t believe that people put up such a stink about him being cast, and I bet everyone who did is now weeping that he’s done.

Of all the X-Men and Wolverine films under his belt, this is by far his best performance to date as the character.  It may be a little soon to say, but I will be kind of upset if he doesn’t get an Oscar nod from this film (yeah, he’s that good).  Never before have we seen this seemingly indestructible character so vulnerable and so broken.  Logan takes what many of the previous films in the franchise did emotionally and brings it up to, dare I say, super-human levels.  By the end of this film, it really hit me in a sad yet powerful way that he’s actually done with this role.  It’s been a long and incredible ride Hugh, and I can’t thank you enough for such an awesome character.

As Emotionally Gripping as it is Violent


Outside of Jackman’s outstanding performance, this movie really thrives on its story and direction.  James Mangold was given a lot of freedom here to make the movie he wanted to make.  No more worrying about falling in line with the next sequel, no more jamming cameos in from other films in the extended universe, just an individual film with a singular story to tell.  This movie does an excellent job of nodding back at “the old days” in the franchise, but doesn’t let that drive the film in any particular direction.  This is something we rarely get to see anymore in the superhero genre.

As I mentioned before, Hugh delivers a very poignant performance that will surely resonate well with fans, but the story itself also elevates his and everyone else’s performances to something spectacular.  This is a very dark and gritty film that can be quite heavy at times.  So much so in fact, that I wouldn’t hesitate to call this more of a drama than an action flick.  You can feel the age and pain that these long time characters are enduring throughout the film, and Mangold gives us a very suitable and poetic end to their stories.  Not since the Dark Knight Trilogy have we seen something of this quality in screenwriting, action, and dramatic weight all in one place.

The Bad

Do I Even Need this Section for this One?

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I don’t believe I do!  There isn’t really anything that stood out to me enough to take away from this film!  It may very well be one of the best superhero movies I’ve ever seen.  These characters’ long histories really add to that, but, again, the all-around quality of this movie is spectacular.  Logan is a huge breath of fresh air from the same ol’ same ol’ we’ve been getting in the superhero genre.  Hopefully studios can take note of this film’s success and start letting directors do their job.

The Tally

Performances: 5/5

  • Hugh Jackman is absolutely outstanding here and delivers what might be the best performance I’ve ever seen from him.  I’m truly going to miss seeing him as this character.
  • Patrick Stewert is also fantastic in this film and incredibly funny.  Just like the movie itself, his character breaks the mold that he’s been in previous years.
  • Dafne Keen (who plays Laura) is surprisingly good here as well in her big screen debut.

Direction: 5/5

  • James Mangold really showed some great talent here and you can tell he was given the freedom to make the movie he actually wanted to make.
  • Mangold manages to balance a dark story with plenty of humor and action while keeping the heart of the film intact.

Production: 4/5

  • The setting of this film is a bleak look into what very well could be our not-so-distant future, which actually has a part to play in the story as well.
  • The cinematography here is very well done and really feeds the grittiness present.  You get a real Indie, Western feel that makes this movie unique among it’s predecessors.
  • The stunt work, sound mixing and editing, and visual effects pack a punch in every action scene.

Writing: 5/5

  • Mangold not only shines as a director here, but also as a writer with this very fresh, enthralling, and fitting end to the Wolverine character.
  • The main plot still is fairly simple and may dip into the “been there done that” side of cinema, but it is elevated with rich history embedded within.
  • The story itself is a somber one that really hits you in the feels by the end and gives the conclusion to a beloved character the justice he deserves.

Score: 4/5

  • This is a very different and experimental score that really works with the gritty theme of the movie.
  • The score has great moments that heighten the more emotional scenes and help achieve something memorable.

Entertainment: 5/5

  • This is by far the best Wolverine movie to date, and despite the darker tone is still chock-full of awesome action scenes.
  • This was a genuinely great theater experience with the superb sound mixing and editing, which again really makes you feel the action.  I would highly recommend watching with a great quality sound system.
  • This movie is actually quite funny as well.  Patrick Stewert in particular has some great scenes that lighten the mood.

Total Score: 28/30

Final Score: 9.3/10


As I’ve stated before, I really can’t believe this is the end of the line for Hugh as this character.  Between that sad realization, brilliant performances, and adrenaline pumping action, this might just be one of the best super hero movies I’ve seen.  Whether you’re a fan of the X-Men or not, this is definitely worth the watch!