I am a pretty big home theater enthusiast (if you haven’t already noticed!) and I have always been looking for a really cool experience. I knew I was never going to be able to achieve that sweet spot if I stuck with a tv so I did what anyone would do, spend way too much on an awesome home theater projector and screen.

How much do you ask? Enough so that I won’t be tempted to go back to a “regular” tv again. (Haha!) The screen I bought to pair with my Epson 5040ub projector is 138″ of beauty. It stands 5 feet tall and over 11 feet wide and pretty much takes up the whole wall it’s currently mounted on. I am still in awe of the sheer size and scale of the images displayed on the screen. They are nearly life size and it is truly amazing to see. I opted for a 2.4:1 aspect ratio so that movies would properly fit on the screen as I don’t do as much gaming or tv watching which requires a 16:9 ratio. More on aspect ratios here. The Epson projector is a behemoth and the original mount I bought wasn’t even big enough to hold the monster. It looks really classy and has all the high end bells and whistles like a dynamic iris, 4k support and HDR capabilities. The Epson 5040ub is not a 4k projector but as I’ve mentioned more than once before, you need to be quite close (even to a gigantic screen like mine) to notice the difference between 1080p and 2160p. So much so that sitting closer than where I do to notice the difference would result in eye fatigue and headaches because the image is moving so rapidly across such a large screen. My projector does sport an HDMI port that will accept a 4k HDR signal and although it won’t display 4k natively, it will downscale it to 1440p and can also display 100% of the DCI-P3 color gamut which is something even Samsung QLED’s haven’t achieved. (In testing, not just marketing!)

Now to the question you really want to know, what do you like better? To that I say, projector! Hands down. No comparison. The size, breadth, depth, experience, and capacity to impress is impossible to beat. That being said it’s not a winner in every category against a tv. A tv is more compact having the light source and screen in one package. Tv’s are generally cheaper for similar performance and they are much easier to set up. It’s also tough to see the image on the screen with ambient light so daytime viewing while not painful, is much less impressive than a nighttime movie. All of the above mentioned faults compared to a tv are null when you actually are watching a movie on the screen, it’s absolutely fantastic!

I think I’m a pretty good source for this kind of comparison because I don’t just research all of the things I talk about, I actually buy and try these things. In the last 3 years I’ve had 12 different tv’s ranging from 42 inch LG’s to 65 inch Sony XBR tv’s. I’ve also had 5 different sound systems from a sound bar, to an amplifier with floor speakers, to a Dolby Atmos audio setup. I can’t help but mention how important audio is in this whole experience because with a dinky little sound bar I would be much less impressed with the whole package. You have to invest at least a little money in audio (hopefully over 300 dollars) to be immersed in the content you are consuming.

That’s all I got here. I truly enjoy getting questions about tv’s and anything technology related so please feel free to leave a comment below or drop me a line on the contact page if you have a burning question or if you want pictures of my setup!

Thanks for reading!