The official trailer for the upcoming Blade Runner sequel has been released, and man does it look good!

It’s been 35 years (holy crap!) since Ridley Scott released the original sci-fi classic and people have been itching for more ever since.  Scott is taking a producer chair and passing this coveted torch to very capable hands in Denis Villeneuve, who’s coming off another fantastic sci-fi film, Arrival.  From what we can see in this trailer, this will be another smash hit for the talented director.

With Villeneuve at the helm, and with big names like Ryan Gosling (also coming off of a hot year with La La Land and The Nice Guys), Robin Wright, Jared Leto, and Harrison Ford, expect this film to be a visual spectacle driven by strong performances.  What’s not to be excited about?!

Luckily we don’t have to wait till 2049 to see it!  Check it out in theaters on October 6th.