You know what’s fun? Looking at all the really expensive and financially infeasible tv’s. Let’s compare the best 4 or 5 offerings from the top tv manufacturers.



This is the best LED LCD tv on the market and it looks pretty awesome.


This tv is unique in that it combines the strengths of two types of tv’s, the brightness of LED and the black levels of OLED. This tv reaches a peak brightness of over 1,600 nits (sunglasses may be required)! This tv also sports multiple hundreds of local dimming zones which is substantially more than the next best LED tv (the Vizio R series has 384). This means that the Z9D can come very, very close to the black levels that OLED can create. If you can afford a Lamborghini or your private safe includes gold bricks, this tv may be the one you’re after. It costs a cool $5,500 for the 65″, $9,000 for the 75″, and wait for it… $60,000 for the 100″ unit.


Sony’s first OLED tv shares the same panel from LG’s OLED but it performs better in the hands of Sony. Reviewers put this tv ahead of LG’s in almost every way. The most interesting part of this A1E is its design. It has a kickstand to support it from the backside.


This tv also doesn’t have traditional speakers, there are actuators on the back of the panel that vibrate the screen to make the sound. This might sound like a gimmick, pun intended, but according to reviews it works. There is also a subwoofer hidden in the kickstand that helps provide some power to the A1E’s sound instead of the underwhelming and tinny sounding tv speakers that most units employ. Starting at $4,000 for the 55″ and $5,500 the 65″, you’d better have some zeroes to spare in your bank account.



I’ve mentioned this tv before, more than once, but it’s a special unit. It is just over 3 mm thick and weighs only 16 pounds! It also continues the OLED tradition of perfect black levels and outstanding contrast.


The display can be so thin for two reasons. OLED tv panels can be very thin by nature and all the processing and inputs for the tv are located in the included (and operationally necessary) soundbar. The soundbar also incorporates Dolby Atmos, which adds great depth to the content you watch on your tv. For $8,000 you can slide the 65″ guy onto your home theater wall and for a yet unannounced value, you can snap on the 77″ version.



While this tv didn’t meet my expectations, it is still an outstanding piece of technology. Samsung is trying to win your wallet by producing the best color volume metrics ever seen on a tv. It is ahead of OLED’s but not by much. It unfortunately doesn’t get as bright as LED nor does it achieve the inky blacks of an OLED so you’re really just getting the great color. The Q9F’s 65″ price is a startling $6,000 and the 75″ is an eye-watering $10,000.



Reference Series

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I have no idea who is in the target market for this tv. Mostly because I’m not sure who would spend 130,000 dollars on a screen. I also don’t know how to compare this to other tv’s because it costs as much as a cheap house. That being said you could expect some outstanding quality here although the Sony Z9D can get twice as bright for half the cost, I wouldn’t suggest this tv as your next shopping list item. If 120 inches is your ideal screen size and you don’t mind taking out a sizable loan, this is the tv for you.

P Series

Vizio also has a line of tv’s called the P series. These tv’s are more in reach for the average consumer and are pretty good tv’s. Their only major downfall is that they don’t get very bright so I wouldn’t suggest a P tv if you’re going to be watching HDR content.


It also incorporates dimming zones and though it “only” has 128, it does a pretty good job of making blacks black without reducing the overall brightness of the image. The 65″ tv costs $2,000 and the 75″ costs $3,500 making these the most economical *cough* of the group.

The life of luxury and opulence may never lose its allure to the more everyday person but you will lose two things if you decide to buy one of these tv’s; yourself in the picture quality and perhaps your next vacation or two.