Thor is back and ready to fight in the new teaser for the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok!

Of all the Marvel characters out right now, I have to say that Thor ranks among the lower end of them of the spectrum.  I haven’t been blown away by any of the previous films in any real shape or form, and the other Avengers are just better characters in my opinion.  BUT, if there was ever a Thor movie to get me particularly intrigued, and dare a I say a little excited, I think it’s this one.

This movie just looks like a lot of fun!  The effects are looking great, the story seems interesting, and tone seems to be fairly humorous.  In all honesty this trailer really feels like a Guardians of the Galaxy trailer between the music, the 80’s style graphics, and  humorous tone.  Hopefully this film will be the one to flip my thoughts!  It will be a colossal disappointment if it doesn’t considering it has Cate Blanchett as the villain and a gladiatorial fight with the Hulk!