Matt Damon inadvertently finds his way after solving a mathematical problem with one important witness.

 Acting Performances – 5/5

  • Robin Williams (Sean Maguire) melts into his role in this film.
    • He perfectly fits into the therapist role he plays and he feels so at home with his character. Robin does an amazing job of displaying the thoughts of his character both verbally and non-verbally.
  • Young Matt Damon (Will Hunting) and Ben Affleck (Chuckie Sullivan) convincingly play their roles.
    • It’s interesting to think that two people the same age, growing up in the same place, can be so different in terms of intelligence. Will is incredibly smart and has a photographic memory and Chuckie has the smarts and attention span of an eighth grader. This makes the movie more interesting and fun because there is such a stark contrast.


Dialogue – 5/5

  • Always feels connected to the character.
  • I absolutely loved how each character had their own vocabulary and only deviated when talking “up” or “down” to someone.
    • Sean is a good example of this. When he is talking with Professor Lambeau he uses fanciful language because he is educated and knows how to speak professionally, but he also brings down his word choices when speaking with Will not because Will won’t understand, but because that’s how he can connect with him.
  • Chuckie and the rest of Will’s friends are awesome as well because they pretty much speak in swear words and love giving each other a hard time.

Production/Digital Art/Direction – 4/5

  • There weren’t a lot of fancy or intricate props needed for this movie but what was present added to the scene what it needed to.
    • The same goes for digital art as this was filmed in real life.
  • As for the direction, I was very happy with how the movie seemed to have the ebb and flow of a beautiful piece of music. Everything just moved with grace from one point to the next without abrupt changes of characters or story. It certainly makes sense considering how the movie is about the slow changing of Will’s life, and that the movie also takes on the tone of even pacing and fluid movement.


Soundtrack – 4/5

  • The soundtrack in this movie didn’t blow me away but it didn’t have to, the acting performances did.
    • Since the characters and storyline really drove the story as a whole, you didn’t need a dramatic or heart-pounding soundtrack to envelop you.
  • What music was present was used appropriately and fit the film well.

Movie Style – 5/5

  • This movie does exactly what it needs to do for a drama. Tell a story through the characters.
  • As mentioned before, the movie is toned and paced to directly match the mood and movement of the characters.


Fun Factor – 5/5

  • Although a drama movie is less exciting than an action film, this movie is still outstanding and a true joy to watch.
  • When you can feel the various character’s thoughts and feelings and even make you ponder your own life, the movie has won you over.

Total Score – 28/30