If you aren’t interested in immersing yourself in the sound from your tv completely with 5.1 audio or would rather just have a soundbar and sub to save space/money, this is the article for you. I’ll list a number of different company’s products ordered from least to most expensive (not read worst to best).


If you’re wondering what the 2.0/3.1 means in the title, read this article first, then come back here.

Generally speaking, the more you pay the better the sound quality. This isn’t always the case and you have to be curious enough to notice the improvement in audio performance if you’re going to pay more. Also, if you own a tv and sound system from the same company, they’re designed to work seamlessly with each other. This means that you should only need one remote to control both the tv and the sound system. Two more things. All of these listings include a wireless subwoofer, except the Vizio listing, and it is hard to suggest buying any soundbar/sub combo for less than $150. The sub-par audio quality will likely be noticeable even if you’re not picky and particularly so at high volumes where distortion and pumping will be present. However, if you’re supremely frugal you can check out the Vizio link.

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For Supreme Frugals

Vizio 2.0 – $100

-Digital coaxial, optical and analog audio only.

 $100-$200 (Might struggle with audio crispness and/or muddy bass)

LG 2.1 – $175

-Supports digital optical and analog audio only, not HDMI.

Samsung 2.1 – $150

-Supports digital optical and analog audio only, not HDMI.

$200 – $500 (This price range generally means better performance/definition in the treble and bass)

Polk Audio 2.1 – $250

-Polk is a very respectable audio company. Does not support HDMI.

Samsung 3.1 – $330

-Probably the best 3.1 soundbar and sub for the price. Supports HDMI.

Yamaha 2.1 – $400

-Yamaha has a really good product line for soundbars. Does not support HDMI.

Sony 2.1 – $450

-Supports HDMI. Looks classy.

Over $500 (You’re looking at some really great sounding equipment across the audio spectrum)

-If you’re going to spend over 500 dollars, I would easily recommend purchasing the Sonos Playbar. It is a 3.0 channel soundbar that sounds fantastic. You can always add more Sonos components later including the Sub and any configuration of the Play speakers: 1, 3, or 5 for full-on surround sound.


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Updated 1/4/17: Added more and a greater variety of products. Edited content for coherence.