Here are some fun and/or functional accessories for your home theater setup!

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For TV

LED Light Strip ($16)

– A really cool way to change the mood for the movie you’re viewing and also reduce eye strain in a dark room.

Cable Management ($30)

-Perfect for wall mounted tv’s!

HDTV Antenna ($18)

Screen Cleaning Wipes ($10)

-For those with kids or dogs…or for those with roommates who behave like kids or dogs.

For Sound System

Universal Surround Speaker Mounts (~$6 per mount)

Universal Sound Bar Mount ($20)

On-Wall Shelf System ($100)

-Perfect for setting up your blu-ray player, streaming box or game console.

For Both

Universal Remote ($50)

-This Logitech remote can control just about everything you have in your home entertainment setup.

Surge Protector ($20)

-It’s a really good idea to have a surge protector to protect your expensive electronics at home.

For Neither

Smart Lighting ($140)

-Great for mood-setting and can be controlled with compatible smart home devices.

Blackout Curtain ($15)


What else would you like to see here? Give your own ideas or suggestions in the comment section below!


Updated 12/12: Added two more categories and 5 more products.