Bradley Cooper shows the mental and physical toughness required to be a soldier.

Acting Performances – 4/5

  • Bradley Cooper (Chris Kyle) does a solid job of showing the ins and outs of being a soldier and a father in the military.
  • The additional cast supports Cooper well.
    • In this movie, Chris Kyle is big and badass. The other actors are much of the same and feel connected to the main actor in their physique and personality.
  • Cooper’s emotions feel real and connected to the character he’s portraying.


Dialogue – 4/5

  • Words are carefully chosen and have an effect on the scene.
    • The action sequences where the dialogue becomes vulgar and short, contrasted by the times when Chris Kyle is at home with his wife and daughter, where he lengthens his words and conversations, are great ways to show varied emotion through words.
  • Bradley’s southern drawl sounds accurate, as much as it can to my midwestern ears, without sounding like a hillbilly.

Prodcution/Digital Art/Direction – 5/5

  • I was a big fan of the cinematography in this movie.
    • When Chris Kyle is in his sniper position, the different camera angles really added to the scope (pun intended) of the scene. It adds a cool dimension to Cooper’s character, as if his rifle is just another part of his body.
    • Also, the length of the camera shots physically added to the sense of distance between Kyle and his targets. Very cool.
  • Action shots were exciting while being dramatic, not always done correctly in films but when it is, it’s fantastic to see.
    • The opening scene with the Iraqi woman and her child was particularly memorable. A lot of tension both physically and psychologically makes for a great hook to draw the audience in.maxresdefault (1).jpg
  • The times when Kyle is back from duty are just off-kilter enough to make you question his mental stability. This helps to tie in the other parts of his story in the film and makes you care about a man who has given so much, and has paid the price for it.

Soundtrack – 5/5

  • Does a great job of capturing the emotional context of the scenes.
    • I would have given this category a 4 but the scenes where Chris Kyle is really tested for whether or not to pull the trigger are phenomenal and that alone capitulated the score to 5.
  • The effect of just hearing Cooper’s heart beat and breathing are perfectly matched with the intensity of the scenes in which they are found and often the simplest of audio configurations are the most powerful.


Movie Style – 4/5

  • While not exceptional, the content of the film justifies the action, biography, and drama genres.
  • The combinations of instinctive action sequences, showing the struggles of a soldier who has been in combat, and the drama that follows are well-suited for this movie.

Fun Factor – 5/5

  • A movie delivered very well that pieces an incredible real story of a man who sacrificed much for both his country and family, and lived a life few can comprehend.
  • The profound respect the movie shows for veterans and those who have given their lives in the military to protect what they care about is both necessary and welcomed.

chris-kyle-american-sniper-today-2-160203_213c258996496b07ed70bb533a4f43c9.jpg                                                                 Chris and Taya Kyle

Total Score – 27/30