Liam Neeson tries to piece his life back together after losing his memory in a car accident.

I will approach my reviews slightly differently than my associate reviewer Nick Vittorio. I will provide an overall score on a particular facet and in more detail below, give my explanation for the score that I have chosen. I will rate each facet on a scale from 1-5, 1 being very poor and 5 being exceptional. If a movie has poor dialogue between characters, it ruins a film for me so I will have a section devoted to that specifically. I will make the negative comments orange and exceptional comments green to stand out from the rest of the content. I will also post a link to the IMDB page for each movie if you’re looking for particulars on the film. My reviews also won’t be as lengthy as my counterpart’s, a pro or a con depending on the reader.

Acting Performances – 4/5

  • Liam Neeson is a great lead actor and can still kick a rear end or two.
  • He convincingly shows emotion and it doesn’t feel strained like some actors do when acting.
  • The supporting cast are great additions to Liam’s character (Dr. Harris).
    • Particularly because Neeson isn’t a brutish or powerful character, the other actors in this film fit into the “scheme” of Neeson quite well.
    • Stipe Erceg, who plays Jones in the movie, does try to hit “out of his league” in terms of how he acts in the movie, as well as who he is physically. If he is a part of (sort-of-spoiler) a well-run assasination organization, his movements should be more fluid and clean, not bullish and slightly disjointed.
    • The scene where Elizabeth Harris doesn’t recognize Martin is slightly off. She acts like she’s been brainwashed and told to act robotic instead of just trying to be authentically unknown-jumbo

Dialogue – 4/5

  • The dialogue does not feel out of place or cheesy.
  • What conversations do take place are meaningful and serve a purpose for the current scene or one that comes later.
  • The various character’s words don’t seem to come from someone else’s vocabulary.

Production/Digital Art/Direction – 4/5

  • The sets including all clothing, set pieces, and scenes are all well made.
  • Action sequences are very cool and fun to watch.
  • There are few things that detract from the appearance of the movie.
    • The car chase scene between Dr. Harris, Gina, and Jones is a little questionable. When Dr. Harris accelerates before the collision with the train, it seems that there wasn’t enough time to hit the gas and make the gap between Jones’ car and the train. Certainly not if Jones was trying to make them crash. Other notes about this scene are below in the “random comments” section.


Soundtrack – 3/5

  • Does a good job of describing the situations and character emotions through music.
  • Doesn’t go above and beyond to make a memorable musical choreography, but it serves the movie well enough.

Movie Style – 5/5

  • The pacing of the film was appropriate with the final twist of the story adding to the drama of the entire movie.
  • The movie was toned correctly so that it fit its genre tags, action, mystery, thriller. It deftly handled all the elements of these categories and mixed them together artfully.


Fun Factor – 5/5

  • A thoroughly entertaining film that has a complete “fun” movie package. Good acting, engaging characters, it makes you think a little, and it has some action to boot.

Random Comments (Potential Spoilers!)

  • Why did Jones not see Dr. Harris or his wife in the art gallery? He was looking for her the whole time but when it’s time for Mr. and Mrs. Harris to have a conversation, he conveniently can’t find them.
  • Why does Elizabeth Harris try to smash the wall when the bomb timer is counting down? She was already working on the other side with the mirror but after hitting it once, gives up and runs into a public area to continue smashing the wall to get at the timer.
  • Car chase with Dr. Harris and Gina? I don’t know of any car that can outrun an suv in reverse…

Total Score – 25/30