Now that the election is over, we can move on to more important things in life. Like what kind of tv you want to buy.

This post is strictly for you to get some help from someone who has spent an unnatural number of hours researching tv’s. I’ll list some of my favorites, some of which I’ve owned and some that I’ve heard great things about. If you haven’t already, take a look at the other tv related posts under Home Cinema. You’ll have a much better grasp of what to look for in a tv and it will help you make a more informed decision. A quick note here before we get started is that you really need a 50″ tv at a minimum to satisfy the requirement of “home theater” tv. Anything smaller and you lose the “wow” factor that a sizable tv can provide. You will also want a 4K tv because although the 4K in itself won’t make much of a difference compared to 1080p, the other tech packed into the tv will. I’ll include 2 pros and 2 cons of each tv to supplement the supplied link. There are tv’s that are much cheaper than the ones I listed below but they struggle on too many categories to be a good suggestion for purchase. Prices listed are MSRP, you can usually find a better deal if you do some searching.

The single best resource for tv reviews is listed at the bottom of this page. Check it out for specifics.

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Best Budget TV Overall (~$550)

50″ Samsung KU6300

+Strong contrast, solid black uniformity

-Won’t display the extra detail provided by HDR content, refresh rate (60 Hz)

Best Budget TV for Movie Watching (~$550)

55″ Hisense H8C

+High native contrast, accurate color

-Limited viewing angle, local dimming is poor

Best Price/Performance TV Overall (~$1,000)

50″ Vizio P Series 2016

+Equal black uniformity, local dimming is effective

-Peak brightness won’t do HDR any favors, refresh rate (60 Hz)

Best High-End LED TV (~$1,100)

55″ Samsung KS8000

+High contrast and peak brightness, will display HDR well

-Local dimming is not helpful, gray uniformity is average

Best TV Available (~$1,800)

55″ LG B6

+Contrast, black uniformity, motion handling, viewing angle are perfect, wide color gamut

-No judder-free playback for streaming content, peak brightness varies on type of content displayed


These are all 2016 model tv’s and they have the most advanced technology packed in. If you find a 2015 tv for a really good price, it might be worth it. Just make sure you check out the specs before you bite. Feel free to leave a comment or suggestion for adding another to this list!

*Will update with 2017 models in separate post


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Updated 12/11: Updated tv prices, made minor content changes